goodblocks a collection made with ❤ for creators, innovators, and builders
having real world impact and doing good.

...or anyone who supports that stuff too.

the goodblocks collection is comprised of 8,281 generational ERC721 tokens that are 100% on the Ethereum blockchain. as future generations are released, each token will be able to alter its art and metadata by unlocking the next generation. this allows owners to benefit from new art and new features with their original token rather than constantly mint new collections.

current generation: 0

also, there are 4 easter eggs spread out throughout the project. 2 are art related and 2 are tech related. rewards are abritrary and currently undecided. good luck!

easter eggs found: 1/4

the art gen0 (generation 0) art is comprised of randomized pixels with varying design properties. this particular generative art technique has been around for quite a while. each gen0 goodblock is created with random selection of 4 properties:

-pixel size
-color group
-color palette

althrough rare, duplicates were intentionally left in the collection as "absolute uniqueness" was not an aim of the collection. to learn more, you can read about the gen0 art process.

the tech this collection of ERC721 tokens is 100% on the Ethereum blockchain. a few highlights include:

-ERC721 with batch features (ERC721A)
-generational (upgradeable) tokens
-art and metadata are 100% on chain (no IPFS)
-svg used for images

for any questions on the contract or how it works, feel free to dm @0xSomeGuy

the roadmap create, innovate, impact.
do good.

thats it.

shoutouts there is always something to learn from someone else. whether its technical, relational, what to do, or even what not to do. here are some shoutouts to people and projects that have either directly or indirectly supported and impacted this collection in a positive way. ♥

@_MouseDev and Kiro