gen0 art

gen0 (generation 0) art is made up of deterministically random pixel images using well known generative art techniques. each image is generated in an svg format which means they are scalable to any resolution without losing quality.

rarities were not necessarily a priority in this collection as trait distributions were subjectively assigned with visual appeal in mind.

also, duplicates were intentionally left in the final collection. there was an effort to minimize the duplicates to less than 1%, however, they were left in the collection as an affirmation of the reality that random does not always equal unique. each token is unique in its index but may share the same visual representation as another token.

pixel sizes each gen0 token has one of 5 possible pixel sizes. the pixel size variations provide a balance between more simple designs with larger pixels and more complex designs with smaller pixels.

trait name resolution padding weight
Great Eight8x8215%
10 out of 1010x10220%

symmetries the collection has 6 possible symmetries. this property contributes to the overall balance of the image.

trait name symmetry weight
X=0left and right40%
Y=0top and bottom25%
Y=Xdiagonal left to right15%
Y=-Xdiagonal right to left15%
Flipperreflected on x and y axis4%
Chaosno symmetry1%

color groups there are 7 color groups in the collection. each color group was chosen according to a specific theme. this allows for grouping into similar color palettes while observing differences in size and symmetry.

trait name weight

color palettes there are 56 palettes present in the collection, 8 per color group. it took many hours to review a total of 4,463 palettes and align with the color groups. shoutout to where we sourced the palettes.